Dupilumab Could Improve Skin Lesions in Atopic Dermatitis

MARCH 07, 2017
Amy Jacob

Bola Akinlade, MD, MBA, executive director, Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, discussed the results of the dupilumab study presented at AAAAI 2017. 
Akinlade explained that the open label extension study, evaluated dupilumab 200mg or 300mg given weekly up to 3 years in adults with moderate-to-severe atopic dermatitis. Dupilumab showed continued efficacy in terms of improvement in the skin lesions of atopic dermatitis, improvement in pruritis (which is the hallmark of the condition), and improvement in the quality of life of the patients involved in the study. 
According to Akinlade, the results provided evidence of dupilumab's safety and efficacy in the real world setting, and demonstrates the continued efficacy of dupilumab despite long-term treatment. "We also, very importantly have not seen any new safety findings from this long-term treatment of patients who are involved, which is very encouraging to us," Akinlade said.
Additionally, the profile of adverse events that were seen continue to reflect what were seen in the control studies.

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