Considering The Future of Asthma Treatment

MARCH 04, 2017
Amy Jacob

At AAAAI 2017, Mark S. Forshag, MD, MHA, with GSK, shared some of his team's next steps to be followed after the meeting. He explained that GSK had added a number of new products to its asthma portfolio since 2013, and some of them are only indicated for 18 and up, with Nucala indicated for patients down to age 12. 
"The thing that we're trying to do is that there are a number of classes of medications that are available for inhaled therapy for asthma and other lung disorders. We've been trying to identify a once-a-day therapy in each of those classes and then package them in the same inhaler so that if a patient has to switch drugs, the device doesn't change - they don't have to relearn a new device. Just trying to keep things simple for them and their physicians," said Forshag.

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