Allergists: Pearls and Pitfalls of Patch Testing

MARCH 03, 2017
Amy Jacob

At AAAAI 2017, Luz Fonacier, MD, of Winthrop University Hospital, detailed the process of looking at eczema and contact dermatitis in an allergist's practice. She focused on  how to identify them:  and how to effectively use patch testing. Fonacier advised that upon finding what the patient is allergic to, the allergist should give him or her a list of products that are safe - thus providing an immediate resolution to patients' symptoms. 
Of course, they see patients before the patch test who experience extreme itchy eczema. When asked what to do, Fonacier said they can give them topical corticosteroids and remind patients they still need to know the cause of the allergy.
In terms of atopic dermatitis, Fonacier said that she hopes to get approval for the treatment, dupilumab, in the next couple of weeks. From AAAAI 2017, Fonacier and her colleagues hope to learn what the new things are out in all areas of asthma, allergy, rhinitis, atopic dermatitis, etc, so she can understand what medications can specifically be used for her patients.

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