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G. Richard Olds from St. George's University: Addressing the Physician Shortage With an International Approach
Located on the island of Grenada St. George's University has made a name for itself as one of the top international medical schools providing doctors to the United States.
Adalimumab, infliximab, and etanercept, reduced the number of uveitis relapses in a retrospective, long-term study of uveitis patients with HLA-B27-positive ankylosing spondylitis who had taken one of these biological agents for at least 1 year.
A small British study indicates that the use of several immunosuppressive agents can restore the effectiveness of ustekinumab (Stelara) in patients with psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis.
Roughly 20% of people with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) also suffer from chronic kidney disease (CKD), though no clear explanation exists as to whether or not that is coincidental.
Enthesitis refers to the instance of inflammation at the point where a tendon joins to a bone. Looking for further insight into the mechanisms behind inflammatory rheumatism, researchers from delved into the roots of Achilles enthesitis and may have emerged with a new approach to treating many rheumatic conditions.
Atop a growing body of research that examines how rheumatoid arthritis (RA) symptoms are dictated by the body’s circadian rhythms, a recent study seems to explain why so many people-RA sufferers included-wake up each day with stiff joints.
One of the biggest differences between military and civilian medicine is the very real chance of being deployed to a forward military unit from a stateside appointment. Lessons from those experiences can shape a doctor's practice back in their home country.
The life of a civilian doctor may not be all that different from a military doctor but there are certain differences which can make it a unique experience for those who serve in military medicine.
Interleukin-1β (IL-1beta), a cytokine that plays in important role in the body’s immune response, turns out to be part of the body’s early defense system for bacterial infections. Anti-inflammation treatments for autoimmune conditions like rheumatoid arthritis (RA) often times inhibit IL-1beta to mitigate the inflammation that it initiates when infection is detected.

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