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Diagnosing Pulmonary Hypertension
Unlike other conditions, pulmonary hypertension has symptoms that can be hard to identify in order to give the patients the right diagnosis. Misdiagnosis can not only worsen the symptoms, but also make treatment that much harder in the long run.
For cardiologists, treating a patient with hypertension is becoming a more common and less complicated effort. However, a similar condition, called pulmonary hypertension, is not nearly as well understood, managed, or treated.
The search for newer antimicrobial agents is a focus of those looking to help prevent patients from developing potentially dangerous conditions while admitted to the hospital.
In many hospitals there is a consistent effort to monitor how patients are responding to various treatments. This can be done at different increments which can determine in some cases how effective treatments are against pathogens which can affect a patients' health.
There are more and more challenges facing patients and doctors in hospital settings as "superbugs," or those conditions which are resistant to medications and antibiotics become a greater problem.
Patients with HIV are three times more likely to smoke cigarettes than the general population, which means that about 40% of people with HIV are smokers.
Living in a neighborhood with high rates of crime, both violent and crimes of property, appears linked to the prevalence and severity of childhood asthma, a study of Mexican American children in Chicago found.
The US is obsessed with eliminating odors, but a survey showed that trend may be unhealthy.
The so-called “hygiene hypothesis” holds that lack of exposure has made developed populations more allergic and asthmatic. Though using exposure shows promise as a preemptive approach to reducing risk for allergen-induced asthma, the window for its implementation is small.

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