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Comprehensive care of post-9/11 asthma in adolescents should include management of mental health-related comorbidities, according to a recent report.
As the field of medical ethics continues to expand, its use can be seen in everything from general medical conditions to end of life considerations.
A new study of inner city schools found evidence that high levels of mouse allergens correlated with hindered lung function and an increase in sick days caused by asthma symptoms.
Many previous studies have shown that smoking causes lung cancer, but a recently published report explained that heavy smokers with diabetes also have an increased risk of death unrelated to lung cancer.
AerobiKa, a vibratory positive expiratory pressure device meant to reduce mucus plugging, “did not demonstrate statistical significance in terms of improved clinical asthma score or reduced hospitalization rate.”
Patients who discontinued long-term treatment with omalizumab (Xolair/Genentech and Novartis) were more likely to experience an episode of severe asthma exacerbation during a one-year monitoring period than those who continued the treatment, in a recent study to determine whether therapeutic effect persists after discontinuation.
A recent study found that Puerto Rican children who lived closer to major roadways exhibited higher levels of certain inflammation-related cytokines in their blood.
Children with severe, persistent asthma in Memphis, TN, suffer an extremely high rate of atopy, according to a recent study. Clearer understanding of this relationship would allow physicians to employ more personalized and effective interventions.
Recently, researchers from the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus discovered high doses of vitamin D helped older, long-term care residents reduce the risk of acute respiratory illness (ARI).

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