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The Importance of Eosinophils in Personalized Severe Asthma Treatment
Mark S. Forshag, MD, MHA, GSK, spoke with MD Magazine at AAAAI 2017 in Atlanta, GA, about the importance of eosinophils in treating severe asthma.
A chlamydia vaccine would cut infection rates, but cost millions.
The SQ HDM SLIT-tablet is already approved in Europe. Is the US next?
The study was conducted in patients with grass pollen-induced allergic rhinoconjunctivitis.
Would carrying a rescue inhaler correlate with better asthma control? That's what Sima J. Patel, DO and her team sought to investigate.
Trial results on novel multi-dose powder inhaler were revealed at AAAAI 2017.
In an ideal world, interventions would have a pilot study before RCT.
Which recommendations decrease asthma morbidity in children with asthma?
Matthew Perzanowski, PhD, discusses allergic asthma environmental factors.

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