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Asthma Hospitalization Risk Dependent on Controller Treatment
A French population-based study indicated that better drug therapy could prevent many hospital admissions for asthma exacerbations.
Once-daily tiotropium added to inhaled corticosteroids was safe and well tolerated in a phase 3 trial in nearly 400 asthmatic adolescents.
The percentage of patients with adverse events was comparable in the tiotropium and the placebo treatment groups in pooled data from seven phase 2 and 3 studies in nearly 3,500 adults.
Contrary to the previously published literature on cardiac function in asthma patients, Turkish researchers observed no diastolic dysfunction in a group of 50 asthmatic children evaluated in a recent echocardiographic study, even with tissue Doppler imaging.
Increasing evidence supports the possibility that alterations in gut microbiota may influence susceptibility to asthma and allergic diseases such as eczema and food allergies.
There is no longer any question about the health risks associated with smoking. What remains to be found is what is the best way to help people who have started to smoke to quit.
As the effort continues to help people quit smoking research is being done to find the best treatment options available and any potential issues they may present in the process.
Investigators found poor asthma control in obese or overweight patients despite optimal treatment and significantly higher BMI values in those with uncontrolled asthma than in those with partially or totally controlled asthma.
Endothelial activation and levels of C-reactive protein, plasminogen activator inhibitor type-1, and von Willebrand factor increased during asthma exacerbations in a study of 22 pediatric patients.

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