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The Importance of Protein in Improving Muscle Mass
Nicolaas Deutz, MD, PhD, and Peter A. McCullough, MD, discuss the importance of the role of protein in treating malnutrition and sarcopenia.
Nearly half of asthma deaths in the United Kingdom could likely have been prevented, researchers there found.
Across the board, researchers saw that studies of active smokers showed increased prevalence of the skin condition, regardless of age or region. It isn't quite clear, though, whether smoking causes AD or AD causes people to smoke.
Although 35% of US patients hospitalized for an asthma exacerbation were current smokers, only 55% of current smokers received a smoking cessation intervention during their hospital stay.
A retrospective cohort analysis showed patients with severe asthma and elevated eosinophil levels accounted for only 3% of all asthma patients but an estimated $1.3 billion in costs due to hospital admission for asthma exacerbation.
Allergen immunotherapy can reduce symptoms of allergic rhinitis and asthma and decrease the need for medication, but it poses the risk of asthma exacerbation or anaphylaxis, particularly in patients with uncontrolled asthma.
After 6 months of treatment with inhaled budesonide, 800 μg daily, bronchial hyperresponsiveness was greater and the proportion of eosinophils in induced sputum and improvement in lung function were lower in smokers than in nonsmokers with asthma.
Recent trials involving promising medications to treat patients with heart failure with preserved ejection fraction have not produced significant reductions in mortality.
Research results presented at HFSA 2016 support switching from conventional treatment approaches to the new combination treatment.

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