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Indomethacin Paired With Ranibizumab May Improve AMD Symptoms
Italian researchers found that supplementing ranibizumab treatment with the daily administration of an NSAID solution improved AMD symptoms better than ranibizumab alone, and believe over time greater statistical significance will emerge.
Difluprednate, a steroid stronger than prednisolone, was recently tested for treatment of macular edema and vitritis in cases of posterior/intermediate uveitis, and its impact was noticeable.
Does adherence to the Mediterranean diet reduce the risk of age-related macular degeneration? Portuguese researchers attempted to determine the AMD-preventative nature of the popular regional diet, which is commonly associated with fish, fruit, grains, and the occasional splash of wine.
Sleep quality and subsequent mood have long, and logically, been correlated. Now, researchers from Japan sought to see how a third consideration, ocular function, fits into that equation.
Simple at-home vision tests can red flag early signs of wet age-related macular degeneration (AMD). But which one is the best?
Although differences between treatment groups in best-corrected visual acuity were not statistically significant, combination treatment reduced central macular thickness and macular volume statistically significantly more than bevacizumab alone.
The FDA has approved Genentech's prefilled ranibizumab syringe for injecting the eyes of people with wet age-related macular degeneration (wet AMD)
A large observational study of results in routine clinical practice showed that visual acuity outcomes 12 months after Aflibercept or Ranibizumab treatment did not differ, and neither did the number of injections required for each agent.
The only factor that predicted visual outcomes one year after nAMD diagnosis was baseline visual acuity, which maintained its predictive ability five years after diagnosis. Visual acuity increased more frequently in women.

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