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No Tool Yet To Identify Visual Impairments after Strokes
Despite the fact that two thirds of stroke survivors could suffer from a visual impairment, nearly half of stroke units do not even assess vision. A recent report suggests that more must be done to assess the outlook for vision in stroke survivors.
Age-related macular degeneration, the leading cause of blindness in the developed world, has long been linked to diet and obesity. Recently, we came closer to understanding just exactly why that is.
A recent study joins an ever-deepening well of data about the health benefits of the Mediterranean diet, including its risk-reduction potential for age-related macular degeneration. AMD is the leading cause of blindness in the developed world.
Eyeball tattoos require "injecting some type of pigment directly under the bulbar conjunctiva with a needle." Obviously, ophthalmologists do not endorse such behavior.
Monthly Avastin injections and quarterly Ozurdex injections produced equivalent improvements in best-corrected visual acuity after 7 months. However, Ozurdex reduced central subfield thickness nine times more than Avastin did, though it was associated with elevated intraocular pressure.
The MD Magazine editors rounded up the 10 best stories from November – did you read them all?
Patients with intermediate uveitis (IU) have a high likelihood of achieving good long-term visual outcomes, but should expect a long disease course and frequent complications
Researchers concerned about inconsistencies in rating disease activity in uveitis have come up with a new scoring system called UVEDAI.
Adalimumab has the potential to serve an important role in management of chronic and refractory noninfectious uveitis and associated macular edema with low rates of serious adverse events in the long term, according to a recent report. That includes pediatric patients.

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