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Atopic Dermatitis Increases Risk for ADHD
Researchers report that atopic dermatitis (AD) is associated with increased risk of ADHD in adults and children. Patients with more severe AD were at even higher risk.
When patients leave the waiting room of their provider, their concerns can go with them. With the help of social media channels like Facebook and Twitter, those concerns can be addressed while information is shared in a new and effective manner.
AHA President Steven Houser opens the AHA Scientific Sessions 2016 with a moving talk on his father's premature death from heart disease.
Alemtuzumab provided more benefits to patients with relapsing remitting multiple sclerosis (RRMS) who had poor response to other therapies than subcutaneous interferon-B-1a.
Curiouser and curiouser. Like Alice in Wonderland, when Alan Thompson, MD, first entered multiple sclerosis research, he was deeply puzzled. But he kept going deeper.
“Even though the treatment for stroke tPA improves recovery, some people who are eligible to receive the treatment are not getting it,” study author, Steven R. Messé, MD, explained.
The common multiple sclerosis treatment, according to a study out of Duke, may do very little for as many as half of people with the disease. In a mouse model of MS, they identified different disease pathways in those resistant to the treatment, raising questions about the heterogeneity of MS.
The search for newer antimicrobial agents is a focus of those looking to help prevent patients from developing potentially dangerous conditions while admitted to the hospital.

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