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Early Clot-Removal Surgery Means Less Post-Stroke Disability
Following a stroke, the sooner a patient undergoes clot-busting endovascular thrombectomy, the better their outcomes are, in terms of severity of disability.
Researchers suggest that family-based cognitive behavioral therapy may be a key factor in treating children with autism spectrum disorder who have problems sleeping.
If you’re planning on chowing down on turkey this Thanksgiving (as you should), make sure to time your meal just right, because you may be well into a nap before the Cowboys-Redskins game kicks off.
High-dose biotin may be an effective treatment for progressive multiple sclerosis, researchers in France found.
For many patients who are vitamin D deficient, there are oral supplements which can be found over the counter which can help bring their levels into the normal range. That and other steps can help play a role in lessening the risk of developing multiple sclerosis.
Babies exposed to Zika virus in utero can look normal at birth but develop microcephaly months later as their head growth decelerates, the CDC reports.
A study looking at pregnant women in Finland showed a potential connection between low levels of vitamin D and the development of multiple sclerosis.
Whether patients need to move to stronger medications, or find a more effective treatment, doctors need as much information as possible before making a decision on what course to follow.
As patients cycle between treatments for multiple sclerosis, there can be questions about how they will react to the various medications after switching. Comparing alemtuzumab and natalizumab provided doctors with at least some insight into this question.

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