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The Safety Profile of Teriflunomide for Multiple Sclerosis Treatment
“This appears to be a very safe and effective drug, and is a valuable part of our therapeutic armamentarium. I don’t think teriflunomide addresses all the unmet needs in MS, in fact, no drug meets all the unmet needs, but this is a very well tolerated oral agent.”
TOPIC Extension Study: Teriflunomide a
The nearly 7-year extension trial presented a 47% reduction overall in conversion to clinically definite MS with those patients who had been on 14mg of teriflunomide from the beginning.
New Data Support Benefit of Ocrevus for Relapsing, Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis
Ocrevus reduced all 3 aspects of relapsing MS disease: reduction relapses, reduction disability, and reduction lesions within the brain quite substantially.
Tardive Dyskinesia: There Was No Standard of Care Before Valbenazine
Patients with tardive dyskinesia were previously only looked at, not treated.

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