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Multiple Sclerosis: Neural Stem Cells Hold Key to New Therapies?
Finding neural stem cells in the brain’s meninges could lead to new therapies for multiple sclerosis patients.
Alemtuzumab was more beneficial to patients with relapsing remitting multiple sclerosis than subcutaneous interferon beta 1a in various measures of preexisting disability.
Studies have shown that HIV increases the risk of confusion and forgetfulness, but new research found that the virus is tied to more serious neurocognitive conditions.
Physicians have long been concerned that patients with multiple sclerosis who get frequent brain scans accumulate deposits of the rare earth used as a contrast agent, gadolinium. German researchers found an alternative agent.
A JAMA Pediatrics study concluded that there is no need for changes in vaccine practices in pregnant women.
Patients with multiple sclerosis may have excess iron in their brains, a possible explanation for brain atrophy, the debilitating condition some develop. If so, the culprit is likely leaky red blood cells, a UK team reported.
The nonprofit, Institute for Clinical and Economic Review, is preparing a set of recommendations on best drugs for multiple sclerosis and is seeking public comment.
A signaling mechanism can turn T-cells into destroyers.
Cornell scientists said they created a chemical tool that uses ultraviolet light to track inflammation and even control it. Their hope is it might work to treat inflammatory diseases, perhaps even multiple sclerosis.

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