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MS Progresses, Income Drops, Swedes Find
Treating multiple sclerosis early pays off in higher patient incomes.
It sounds like a difficult conversation but it's well worth having. Tips from an MD.
Multiple sclerosis: Eat like a cave-dweller and get symptom relief?
The report documents two dozen high school deaths over 10 years between 2005 and 2014.
Stimulants improved adaptive functioning in kids with ADHD symptoms.
Quantitative EEG is not the way to diagnose ADHD, guidelines say.
While the culprit for the stomach pain and discomfort in autistic children was unknown for quite some time, new research suggests it could be caused by an “increased reaction to stress”.
The tendency of the brain to shrink with age may be reversed with a Mediterranean-style diet, UK researchers found.
People with multiple sclerosis tend to have sleep apnea, but not the usual kind, a study found.

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