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Republican Senator: States That Like Obamacare Should Keep It
Some say repeal and replace. Cassidy says states who like the ACA can keep it.
John Stone, MD, Massachusetts General Hospital, discussed study results and fear surrounding giant cell arteritis.
Republican lawmakers are at odds over the ACA and their states’ health coverage.
Cognitive assessment is not improved by lifestyle interventions in diabetes. Health is.
The first major step in repealing Obamacare has officially been taken.
Drug store CVS now carries cheaper option to EpiPen.
The frequency of hypoglycemic episodes affects carotid atherosclerosis in patients with type 1 diabetes.
Quantitative EEG is not the way to diagnose ADHD, guidelines say.
Previous studies have shown that “the gut microbiota differs in composition and diversity during the first months of life in children who later do or do not have allergic disease," but researchers who focused on immunoglobulin A prevalence made a different finding.

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