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Vein-Expanding 'Liberation Therapy' Ineffective for Multiple Sclerosis
A vein-expanding procedure does not help multiple sclerosis patients.
Failing to muster support, GOP pulls bill immediately before planned vote.
Reassessing asthma diagnoses in adults with asthma can help with overmedication.
Researchers may have identified cells that could reverse MS progression.
Many patients treated for severe asthma had not been properly assessed.
Diana Farid and her 18-yr-old patient shared names of Middle-Eastern origin. Beyond that, they had little in common.
Amy Scurlock, MD, Arkansas Children's Hospital, reiterated that there is more at stake beyond the medical management of food allergies.
Luis Salmun, MD, VP, Medical Affairs, North America, DBV Technologies, discussed results from the Viaskin Peanut study and explained the patch could be a potential treatment for children with peanut allergies.
"Not only has it shown efficacy in atopic dermatitis, but dupilumab also has shown efficacy in related atopic dermatitis conditions such as asthma and nasal polyps," said Akinlade.

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