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REPLACE-BG Trial: Making Safe Insulin Dosing Decisions Based on CGM Data
Could insulin could be dosed off of values from a continuous glucose monitor? Anne Peters, MD, and team sought to find out.
Could Long-Acting Growth Hormone Injection Replace Daily Injections?
Bradley Miller, MD, University of Minnesota Academic Health Center hopes the team learns “good information” about how kids are growing on this dose of somavaratan that will then be confirmed in the phase 3 head-to-head with growth hormone daily.
Understanding Brain Structure in Teenage Years
Changes in adolescent brain structure are potentially associated with the onset of mental health disorders.
What's New In Menopause Management?
Although there are several unanswered questions in the field of menopause, but Cynthia Stuenkel, MD, University of California San Diego explained that many experts are beginning to understand the idea of hot flashes and how early and late they can occur in women.

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