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Jerry Bagel: Discussing Treatment Options with Patients
As newer treatment options hit the market for plaque psoriasis patients may have more questions about the best options for them. This is part of the importance of communicating with patients throughout the treatment process.
An experimental inpatient program worked for atopic dermatitis that had not been resolved despite treatment.
French investigators did a retrospective study of atopic dermatitis treatment and found immunosuppressive agents were well tolerated and worked.
The antifungal, sertaconazole (Ertaczo, Valeant, others), was no better than the topical vehicle placebo in a well controlled, multicenter trial to treat unremitting pruritus in atopic dermatitis (AD).
For patients diagnosed with plaque psoriasis there can be other health issues to consider as well. This can include heart attack, stroke, and obesity as well as obesity and others.
As with many conditions, the kind of care a patient receives can depend on where they live. This can be especially true for dermatology patients needing things like phototherapy. Other factors, like cost and fear, can also impede the treatment process.
Despite the life of a patient with eczema being in many ways similar to that of a patient with psoriasis, their options for treatment are not nearly as robust as the other dermatologic condition.
As patients go through the process of treating their plaque psoriasis, there can be different levels of success depending on a number of situations. As a result, measuring success can be a challenge as well.
With most cases of plaque psoriasis being diagnosed in adolescence the treatment and diagnosis can be a delicate process, especially when parents are involved.

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