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What Are The Unmet Needs in ALS Research?
Researchers previously only considered ALS as one illness, but new knowledge has changed that mentality and has shown experts they need to personalize treatment approaches. “It’s important to understand the disease in different groups of people.”
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Understanding Brain Structure in Teenage Years
Cambridge's Kristie Whitaker, PhD, believes that since teenage brains are continuing to develop, it’s important to think about the brain as a network: “Is there an age, a particular point in adolescence, that allows us to effectively support people to keep them or push them back onto a normal developmental trajectory?”


Guy G. T’Sjoen: Hormone Therapy for Transgender Individuals Saves Lives
Guy G. T’Sjoen, MD, PhD, of Ghent University in Belgium laid down a heavy-handed endorsement of hormone therapy for transitioning individuals at the Endocrine Society's Annual Meeting and Exposition, citing safety and evidence that it may bring down the community's startling suicide rates.

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