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The Women's Health Resource Center compiles the latest news and information about a wide range of topics and issues relating to women's health, including menopause, pregnancy, weight and wellness, sexual health, osteoporosis, and more.

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Autism inked to maternal lifestyle, especially dietary factors impacting glucose.
According to Kathleen “Kittie” Wyne, MD, PhD, The Ohio State University, in the identification and treatment of hypothyroidism, people need to be aware that the symptoms associated with hypothyroidism can be non-specific.
Past studies of AF have under-represented women, according to Louise McCullough.
Antimuscarinics trigger many side effects in patients with overactive bladders.
Gorsuch on SCOTUS: likely to influence many health policies.
A Haitian nurse offered advice: "Keep your textbook nearby".
Umbilical cord blood is safe for young children with autism spectrum disorder.
Early HIV infection spells trouble for health outcomes.
Although there are several unanswered questions in the field of menopause, but Cynthia Stuenkel, MD, University of California San Diego explained that many experts are beginning to understand the idea of hot flashes and how early and late they can occur in women.

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