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The Women's Health Resource Center compiles the latest news and information about a wide range of topics and issues relating to women's health, including menopause, pregnancy, weight and wellness, sexual health, osteoporosis, and more.

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Specific Protein Level Correlates with Depression During Pregnancy, Birth Defects
Researchers pinpoint depression biomarker during pregnancy and how to treat it.
Research found that some women are more susceptible to become infected with HIV.
Break out the blue paint for women with higher preconception blood pressure.
For two decades, patients with genital herpes have only had so many treatment options. But a new option could be added.
Scientists have been busy in the lab. Molecules that release carbon-monoxide are considered the key to developing a new antibiotic to fight gonorrhea.
Researchers sought to debunk the myth of a causal relationship between the pill and decreased libido in women.
The MD Magazine editors rounded up the 10 best stories from December—did you read them all?
Listerine doesn't just help provide fresh breath. A new study shows its fighting properties against gonorrhea.
ASP0892 is an investigational DNA vaccine for the common, potentially fatal allergy.

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