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In-the-Trenches Physician Creates Educated Patient Consumers
An interview with a physician who created an electronic medical record and embraces the idea of an educated "patient consumer."
Protecting Your Mobile Devices at Work
Busy physicians are often going from patient to patient and touching their mobile devices in between. Here are some washable covers to eliminate the danger of cross-contamination.
Roadmap to Creative Thinking
If you want to solve a problem, the best way to do so is to immerse yourself in such a way as to become an item in the problem you want to solve. Here are some other creative thought processes for the workplace.
How to Define Success
Yes, success can be measured by the amount of money a business makes or puts in the owner's pocket. But for most successful entrepreneurs, there are many more intangibles that surface as non-quantifiable metrics of success.
Practices Benefit From Team-Based Care Approach
Team-based care is more than employing nurses, PAs and other practitioners in the field. It has to be a coordinated effort among all the health care players to provide a plan of care specific to a given patient.
Every Entrepreneurial Physician Business Owner Needs Money!
Starting an entrepreneurial physician venture is risky, but an even more risky period in the life span of your business is when it's time to expand.
Is Your Receptionist Worth His or Her Weight in Gold?
What exactly makes a really good receptionist? And what can physicians do to help the receptionist succeed and feel appreciated?
Good Service is Better Business and Better Medicine
There is a rising sense that consumer-oriented service, rather than physician-oriented service, is important for the success of a doctor's business. This change is overdue for the health care industry.
Concierge Medicine
The concierge model has very high risk and rewards. On the one hand your new practice can be a cash cow, and on the other you might alienate all of your patients and lose money.

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