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Improve Your Practice's Cash Flow
One of the most important metrics to start strengthening your practice's cash flow is days in accounts receivable. By improving ways for patients to pay, or keeping track of who hasn't, you can free up your money.
Measuring Success and Quality of Medical Care
Since it is hard to measure success many doctors find additional ways to find meaning or satisfaction, such as focusing on making money, reducing the scope of their practice and finding other outlets outside and inside medicine.
Physician's Combating Medicare Drug Fraud
With physicians seeing more and more patients on a daily basis, it's easier to simply refill prescription based on patient phone calls, making it easier for patients to commit drug fraud.
Measuring Success as a Physician
Most folks who go into medicine have some overt and/or covert altruism in their minds and hearts. And they assume that they will do good and well in their careers in a way that they can identify; however, feedback is often irregular and unpredictable.
Does the Ideal Physician Job Exist?
For most physicians, quitting isn't a realistic option, so maybe it's time to work on redefining your ideal job. Once you know what you want, you can go out and find it.
Health Care Reform and the Physician Business Owner
The past few years have thrust health care into the limelight, with the passage of the Patient Protection and Affordable Healthcare Act (PPACA) in March 2010. And confusion has reigned ever since.
Transitioning to the PCMH Model
The concept of the patient-centered medical home (PCMH) has received its share of attention as the cure for what ails the American health care system. But how does a medical practice ensure a successful transition to the PCMH model?
Secrets to Greeting the New Year
For most of us physician business owners, the beginning of a year is a time filled with hope and intention. "It's going to be a(n even) better year. I'm going to be better at X, Y and Z"! we tell ourselves.
Before You Shred Old Medical Files
Before you shred old medical files, there are some legal considerations to take. State requirements vary on how long a physician needs to retain files before they can be destroyed, but it could also hurt the physician to keep those files beyond the required retention time.

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