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Book Writing Secrets for Aspiring Physician Writers
A conversation with a book writing coach and published authors looking to help aspiring physician authors help get their message out.
The Evolving Benefit of Maintenance of Certification
Nearly half of Americans would find a new doctor if theirs weren't participating in a program to maintain their Board Certification. But these programs have to benefit the doctors as well.
Disruptors Remaking the Medical Model
We are living in a culture of headlong, head-over-heels disruption. The future may be uncertain, but it certainly will contain wonders. All hail disruptors!
Improve Your Bottom Line with Quality Reporting
Part of evolution for physicians is quality reporting through pay-for-performance programs.
The Latest Numbers in Medicine and Finance
There's a yardstick to measure how much net worth you should have amassed at certain ages; new female doctors are still paid significantly less than male counterparts; and other medical and financial tidbits.
Are the Physician Careers We Know Becoming Endangered?
Lifelong, fulfilling physicians careers, representing continuity, are a dying breed as today's physicians expect more out of their careers.
The Benefits of Tablet Devices for Physicians
During this year, a large majority of small- to med-sized physician practices plan to buy tablets for in-office use.
Are You in a "Best Place to Work"?
There were very few health care companies on Fortune Magazine's Best Places to Work list. This is unfortunate since patients can sense if your office is an unhappy place.
Even Introverts Can Succeed at Networking
Networking can be hard if a) you are super-busy and b) extremely shy or introverted. But even busy introverts can build up their "know, like and trust" factor.

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