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Maximize Physician Referrals by Getting LinkedIn
Where physicians and referrals are concerned, there's one social networking tool that stands out above the rest.
Networking to a New Non-Clinical Position
One of your best tools to securing work in your areas of passion is your internet access.
Survey Takes the Pulse of 650,000 Physicians
Physicians assess their concerns about their practice, determine their morale and gauge their satisfaction level.
Better Utilization of a Doctor Visit
All too few people make the most of their physician encounter even though it's true that the average patient is doing a better job than they used to.
The General Surgeon Who Sculpted a New Physician Career
An interview with a general surgeon who is the poster child for the physician career of the next generation.
Maximizing Patient Screenings Easier Said Than Done
A lot of health services - and similarly a lot of practice revenue - are being left on the table. But fixing it is easier said than done.
Don't Cross the Line with Social Media
Doctors may be on Facebook and other social networking sites, but they're often using a pseudonym so they can friend patients and staff members.
Physicians as Employees
More and more doctors are taking salaried positions rather than establishing independent practices, so they'll have to understand two key areas of the employee-employer relationship: leadership and income.
EMR Benefits In and Out of the Office
Physicians have heard countless times the benefit that an EMR can have on their practices, but having one can also improve a physician's life away from the practice.

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