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Creating Behavioral Change to Boost Online CME Training
Getting busy physicians to participate in continuing medical education is almost impossible unless they think material is practical for them. It also helps if some of it is mandatory.
Recognition is Key to Addressing Physician Burnout
Not only are a majority of physicians stressed, but the negative trend is getting worse. And compounding the problem is the fact that few feel they could get help from work to deal with the stress.
Preventing Physicians Burnout: Is There a Secret Recipe? Part II
Ways to forestall the deadly mental, emotional and physical tolls that physician burnout takes.
Enhancing Treatment with Patient Satisfaction Surveys
There are many benefits to physicians using patient satisfaction surveys, but perhaps none more important than where new products or treatment protocols are being provided.
Be Proactive, Cautious When Combating Negative Reviews
Negative online reviews do happen, and physicians need to know not only how to minimize their impact, but how or even if they should respond.
Reducing Costs, Increasing Efficiency with Web-Based EMR
For years the adoption rate of EMRs into medical practices was slow. However, not only did growth of EMR sales see a sudden jump in 2011, but web-based solutions led the way.
The Medical Paperwork Syndrome
Part of the inertia in correcting the paperwork problem comes from most folks outside of medicine having only a dim awareness of how complicated, how obstructing and how expensive unnecessary paperwork is.
A Primer for Physician Happiness?
Everything in life worth achieving requires practice. In fact, life itself is nothing more than one long practice session, an endless effort of refining our motions
Expanding Reach with Telemedicine
The concept of telemedicine is catching on - not just as a way for patients in rural areas to connect with physicians, but as a means for physicians to grow their practices by expanding their reach.

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