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Creating Effective Leadership in Medicine
Historically, leadership positions in medicine have been filled too often as a soft landing for an end-of-career doctor or by the only doctor willing to take the job and do the work. We need to recognize the need for trained leaders but we cannot stop there.
Surviving Reimbursement Cuts by Being Proactive
If steep Medicare reimbursements cuts arrive next year, how will your medical practice survive? There are a number of options for physicians to be proactive and develop a plan right now to supplement their income.
Designing a Group Retirement Plan Part 1: The Trustee
Physicians can find themselves the trustee for their group's retirement plan, and if they don't know what they're doing, they can be making a lot of mistakes.
Increased Access Puts Physicians at Risk for Addiction
Trends can tell us a great deal about the world around us, and right now the trend for physicians and addiction is a negative one.
An Insurance CEO Speaks to Doctors
One of the ongoing problems in health care is that there is no effective interaction between insurance companies and practicing physicians. None. At least, none at the policy level.
Physicians Need Data in Wake of ACA Ruling
Physicians are now faced with new quality bundle payment methodologies, and that means they need to be in the know on what's going on in their market.
Potential Financial Conflicts of Interest in Medicine
A number of factors have been pushing doctors to do things for patients that, absent such forces, we would not do.
Physicians Support the Publicizing of Patient Experiences
"We talk about patient-centered care, but if we don't listen to the patient, how can we possibly build a system that is patient centered?" asks Barbra Rabson, executive director of the Massachusetts Health Quality Partners.
5 Simple Tactics for Medical Practice Marketing
Marketing isn't selling; It's all about patient's desires. Here are my five no-brainer strategies to get you started.

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