Top 10 Most Popular Medical Schools

With medical schools on target to increase enrollment by 30% by 2016, it’s important that students accepted into schools actually enroll.
U.S. News & World Report has listed the most popular schools taking into account the percentage of students who enrolled once they were accepted — known as the yield. For the most part, the schools with the highest yield aren’t the cream of the crop. Only two ranked in the top 10 for U.S. News’ top research and primary care schools.
While Oklahoma State University tied for the most popular, it is ranked in the bottom fourth of all medical and osteopathic schools for U.S. News’ ranking of research and primary schools. University of North Dakota ranked in the bottom fourth for research schools and University of Nevada ranked in the bottom fourth for primary care schools.
However, Harvard also made the top 10 for most popular schools and consider it was number one for research schools and 15 for primary care schools, it’s obvious that Harvard’s popularity comes from the fact that it’s a superb school.
Note: RNP means the school ranked in the bottom fourth so its rank was not published.
10. Harvard Medical School
Yield: 74%
Students enrolled: 165
Research rank: 1
Primary care rank: 15
9. University of Nevada – Reno School of Medicine
Yield: 74.7%
Students enrolled: 62
Research rank: 86
Primary care rank: RNP
8. University of South Dakota Sanford School of Medicine
Yield: 76.1%
Students enrolled: 54
Research rank: 86
Primary care rank: 83

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