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Expert Recommendations for Financial Success
Some of the following financial recommendations from various financial experts may seem obvious and some obscure, but it all depends on where you are in your life.
The Chinese are Buying!
Art as portfolio diversification for the individual investor. By adding traditional Chinese art as an alternative investment to stocks and bonds, a portfolio could be diversified away from the inherent risks of that market.
Physician Financial Planning
Setu talks about the challenges that physicians face in their financial lives, financial independence and more in this video interview.
How a Chicken Participates in the Next Big Rally
Two relatively safe options to participating in the stock market that are especially appealing for a tax-advantaged account.
The Latest Numbers in Medicine and Finance
There's a yardstick to measure how much net worth you should have amassed at certain ages; new female doctors are still paid significantly less than male counterparts; and other medical and financial tidbits.
Making Your 401(k) Money Work Smarter
Since 401(k) laws are changing, it will be easier for an employee to make better choices for her or his plan. Here are some straightforward steps that could mean more money for retirement.
Advanced Strategies for Your Solo 401(k)
A solo 401(k) might have more rules to follow, but for independent contractors, like physicians, this retirement plan might be best.
More Money Projected for 401(k) Investors
There is good news for the 50 million 401(k) investors in the United States. They are expected to make more money in their retirement accounts.
Smart, Safe Way Your Cash Can Earn Money
Few people would deny themselves the chance to make over $12,000 per hour, albeit briefly. Yet, it is possible.

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