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Options for the Insecure Investor
For investors who want to do something to make money but don't have the confidence to throw more cash into the market, one option is to simply rebalance their portfolio.
Four Ways to Save to Fund College
The average cost to attend ALL types of colleges is rising higher than inflation rates year after year. Generally, there are four savings vehicles that can work well for college funding for high-income earners.
Beware IPO Stock and Other Financial News to Use
The new cost of raising a child for 17 years, the truth about buying IPO stocks and why it's important for both spouses to be involved in financial planning.
Designing a Group Retirement Plan Part 1: The Trustee
Physicians can find themselves the trustee for their group's retirement plan, and if they don't know what they're doing, they can be making a lot of mistakes.
The ACA is a Tax on America's Future
While the direct "tax" of mandatory insurance purchases levied on the public by the ACA is onerous enough, it is the raft of hidden and "stealth" taxes enacted by this legislation that make it such a bad deal for all Americans.
Bad Boy Brokers
It's more likely that people will end up dealing with brokers who are eroding accounts in small but accumulative ways that get overlooked than obviously bad ones like who make the newspapers.
A Full-Time Staff for Your Money
At whatever financial level we pursue our life's aims, being realistic, organized, knowledgeable as well as aspirational will serve us and our families as well as possible.
Reacting to Unfairness: One Gender is More Sensitive
A study with money shows how the brain reacts to unfairness and reveals that males are more sensitive to unfair monetary offers than females.
An Option for Your Large Transactions Abroad
When paying for a big ticket item (could even be a large hotel bill) while traveling abroad, paying with an international wire transfer instead of most credit cards could be cost effective.

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