The Rudest Cities in America

For many Americans travel is either a life goal or a New Year's resolution. While international cities flooded Travel + Leisure’s list of top destinations for 2012, there are plenty of places to choose from in the U.S. And T+L is making your choice easier with its America’s Favorite Cities of 2011 list.

However, sometimes when planning a vacation knowing what you don’t want to experience could be as important as know what you do want. Now you can avoid America’s Rudest Cities.

All 35 cities in T+L’s list of America’s Favorite Cities were ranked by readers based on food, people, nightlife and more, and from that list the publication put together its list of rudest cities, based on which visitors ranked the lease friendly.

Essentially, the bigger the city, the tougher its people.

10. Orlando

Apparently the home to The Most Magical Place on Earth just isn’t very friendly. Or maybe being such a family-friend destination — ranked the number one family vacation — wears on you after a while.

Both visitors and residents ranked the people, the nightlife, the culture, the shopping and food low. And according to both groups, Orlando is really only good for family vacations, as it ranked in the bottom 10 for any other type of trip.

9. Baltimore
There’s an odd phenomenon going on in Baltimore, where the residents ranked themselves lower than visitors did in almost every category (including intelligence and attractiveness).

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