The Battle of the Holiday Season Sales

Q: Black Friday will be here soon. I hate waking up early and fighting the crowds, but if I don’t go I feel like I missed out on some great deals. Any advice?

The after-Thanksgiving sales are always big, especially for those people looking to purchase holiday presents cheaply. Black Friday deals are great for that, so if you don’t go, you probably are missing out on some great deals. However, the whole day can be rather stressful. People are often split into two categories: those willing to brave the chaos and those who don’t plan on leaving the house that day. But to be honest, you don’t necessary have to go out your front door to partake in the shopping.

You might want to do a little research first — stores will often advertise their promotions and sales a week before the big day — but these days, most of those same sales and offers are available online at the stores’ websites.

One great website is There are great sales and discounts available every day on the site, but the site also has a huge
Black Friday section. There’s also the site Black Friday Ads. And don’t forget that Black Friday isn’t the only day for shopping. Just three days later is Cyber Monday, when you can be guaranteed that the sales are online.

But if you’re going to hunt for deals online, make sure the sites are reputable, especially if you’re making big-ticket purchases or using a debit card. In fact, credit cards are recommended for online purchases anyway.

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