ACOs, Bundled Payments, and the Future of Health Care

NOVEMBER 17, 2011
HCPLive's webinar is now archived! David Harlow, author of the Health Blawg, explains what kind of impact Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) will have on health care providers. Click here to download the Power Point presentation the accompanied the webinar.

Mr. Harlow is a seasoned health care attorney and consultant recognized as an accomplished, innovative and resourceful thought leader in health care law, strategy and policy. His experience in both the public and private sectors over the past 20 years affords him a unique perspective on legal, policy and business issues facing the health care community. Health care organizations
including providers, vendors, and payors and other health care related businesses, of all shapes and sizes, rely on him to help them navigate the maze of regulatory and business issues facing them on a daily basis. To read more about Mr. Harlow's credentials, click here

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