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Early Retirement & the Likelihood of Regret
Early Retirement & the Likelihood of Regret
You may regret retiring too soon. Conversely, you may working too long. In this post, I do my best to help you find the ideal time to retire.
Five Reasons I Didn't Retire at Age 39
After nine years as an anesthesiologist, I had earned enough to be considered financially independent and retire early. But I wasn't ready.
Where Doctors Can Find a Higher Pay & Lower Cost of Living
As a physician, certain parts of the nation offer a higher pay scale coupled with a lower cost of living. Take advantage of this geographic arbitrage.
Five Reasons I WIll Choose an Early Retirement
In order to have a sucessful early retirement, you must have the means to afford it, and reasons to want it. These are mine.
Spending in Retirement: The One-Two Million Asset Group
Roughly one in 20 households has over $1 million in investable assets, not including real estate. This group is not typical of the average American, but rather among the most privileged.
Which Type of Doctor are You?
Even within your specialty, there are a number of different ways for you to shine; as a trusted community physician, as a department leader, as a researcher and more. It is almost impossible to excel at everything.

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