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Pediatric Neurosurgeon Improves Lives on a Personal Level
Pediatric Neurosurgeon Improves Lives on a Personal Level
“I wanted to have a job where I felt I was serving the public good in a very direct way,” says Ramin Javahery, MD. “I wanted something that was much more direct and intimate.”
Physicians Wrestle with the High Cost of Health IT
Electronic health records (EHRs) can be beneficial for patient care, but at what cost?
Plastic Surgeon Builds Relationships Through Empathy
Luis Macias, MD, FACS, may not have had an epiphany moment regarding his career decision, but he's always wanted to care for others.
How Well Does the Modern Physician Adapt?
What differentiates an intelligent, hard working and compassionate burned out doctor from a happy doctor?
How to Address Fake Medical News
While fake news of the political nature has become a matter or hot public debate, online misinformation about health and medicine has been around for years.
The Most Valuable Gift a Physician Can Give During the Holiday Season
When it comes to finding the perfect gift for someone, sometimes the best thing you can give them is your time and attention.
25 Years of Physician Advocacy
Greg Kelly has been a part of Physician’s Money Digest (PMD) for 25 years now. He takes a walk down memory lane to when print PMD was the #1 “cover-to-cover readership” for over a decade.
What Will Change and What Will Stay the Same in 2017?
The number one challenge facing healthcare organizations in 2017 is still the talent shortage, and for physicians, the primary challenge is still having enough money to retire.

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