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5 Cheap Ways to Meet Credit Card Spending Requirements
5 Cheap Ways to Meet Credit Card Spending Requirements
Credit card companies are giving out bigger and bigger sign-up bonuses to earn your business. However, there are usually some strings attached. In order to qualify, you are usually required to spend x dollars within y months of account opening. So let's talk about 5 of the cheapest ways to meet these lofty requirements.
The DIY Screening Referral Business Model
While the advantages to the consumer are many, there are also perils of DIY medicine and this test-and-refer business model.
6 Money Tips I Would Tell Dear Older Me
After I wrote about 6 $ Tips I Would Tell Dear Younger Me, I thought I should write to my future self too. If it's true that we learned everything we need to learn in life as kindergartners, then I would thank myself for writing this when I'm older.
How To Ditch an Insurance Policy You Don't Want
The tax code can be your friend if you think you are locked into a high-cost insurance product. Here's what to do.
Professional Financial Advice Is Alive and Well
When we think of a professional, such as a physician, attorney, or CPA, there is an expectation of prudent advice or exemplary service rendered. Unfortunately, negative press because of the shenanigans by Wall Street executives, bankers, and unscrupulous firms.
Americans Will Overcome Healthcare Challenges
The world of healthcare will face big challenges, both professional and personal, in the coming years. Some of the professional challenges will include: the transition to value-based healthcare, rising costs, and talent shortages.
6 Money Tips I Would Tell Dear Younger Me
I decided to write a letter to the dear younger me on some financial tips I wished I had known.
Are Any of These Money Attitudes Sabotaging Your Life?
Money can be an emotional matter. Some people spend their whole lives trying to untangle their own money hang-ups. Because you might have been partially drawn to medicine for financial reasons, and because the finances might turn out to be more complex than you had bargained for, it is a good idea to figure out whether you are carrying the burden of sensitive money baggage before it leads to interpersonal conflicts or serious financial mistakes.
5 Uncommon Financial Commonsense
I’ve been hearing the terms “educated dumb” and “commonsense is uncommon” frequently lately.

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