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5 Myths about Doctor’s Kids
5 Myths about Doctor’s Kids
Yes, it sucks to miss lots of their milestones while you are working inhumane hours at the hospital saving lives, getting paged to excuse yourself out of your kid’s birthday party for the 10th year in a row.
Fear Is Here: Instability in Market Expectations
As the Fear Factor (VIX) rises, stock indexes remain flat. This is an alarming sign. It suggests uncertainty about what’s ahead for the market.
Chinese Grandma vs. American Grandma, Which One Are You?
Here's a classic social psychology question - Chinese Grandma vs. American Grandma, Which One Are You?
What Your Financial Advisor Won't Tell You
I realized how so many people are misinformed and they have absolutely no idea what they need to know when it comes to planning for retirement.
10 Ways Keep More Money You Make
The name of the game is how much you keep, not how much you make. I’m not advocating extreme financial hoarding; I’m advocating smart stewardship of your hard earned dollars.
Financial Considerations for Late-Career Physicians
While there are no hard boundaries to early-, mid-, and late-career, let’s consider a late-career doctor someone who anticipates retirement in the next three to eight years, so typically age 50 to 65.
Overdue for a Bear Market Tumble
It is true that we are overdue for a bear market. A correction is a drop of 10% from the peak; a bear is 20% or more. We haven’t see the latter since 2008.

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