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Are You Financially Future Proof?
Are You Financially Future Proof?
Are you financially future proof? Let's talk about a few ways to address this difficult question.
The US, EU, and Pension Financial Performance
From the Better Finance report regarding EU pension performance, it sounds as if America is not only on the right tract for pension financial reform; we are leading the way!
Financial Planning Through a Client's Life Stages
Are you protecting your financial future from its most significant risks? Are you investing your savings in a manner that is in line with your financial goals? Are taxes consuming more of your income than they should?
4 Reasons Our Training Decade is Critical to Physician Wealth
Many of us have our mind set on starting to build wealth when we finish training. Some say, “I’ll be making so much more money that what I save now will not matter in comparison.” Others say, “I just can’t squeeze out anything, we are maxed out on our current income. There’s nowhere to cut.”
The Sick Care Drill
A recent McKinsey poll of global executives finds that the vast majority value innovation as “extremely important” to their growth strategies, “yet a staggering 94% were unsatisfied with their own innovation performance.”
Get Things Done with the Task Snowball
You may have heard of the Debt Snowball as a means to eliminate debt. Apply the same idea to your to-do list and start checking off your list today.
How the Election Will (or Will Not) Impact Your Portfolio
With the election just days away, there are many questions to be answered. One being – will the outcome of the election, or the election itself, will have an influence on stock market performance and their portfolio?
5 Myths about Doctor’s Kids
Yes, it sucks to miss lots of their milestones while you are working inhumane hours at the hospital saving lives, getting paged to excuse yourself out of your kid’s birthday party for the 10th year in a row.

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