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Which Type of Doctor are You?
Which Type of Doctor are You?
Even within your specialty, there are a number of different ways for you to shine; as a trusted community physician, as a department leader, as a researcher and more. It is almost impossible to excel at everything.
2016 Year-End Tax Tune Up
Happy Thanksgiving! As we near the end of 2016, I'm sure you've got your mind on some holiday shopping. But I want to redirect your attention to holiday savings - specifically saving from Uncle Sam.
How Much Do I Need to Tell My Kids About My Financial Plan?
When you talk to your family about your financial plan, the gift of that knowledge may one day keep your heirs from feeling that they’ve just received a lump of coal.
4 Ways to Attain Tax-Free Money Everyone with Good Credit Could Try
Credit cards have given me at least 8k of tax free money last year. If a PGY2 can do it, attending physicians can benefit much more by leveraging their 4-6x larger incomes.
5 Ways to Combat FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) & Pad Your Wallet
I recently stumbled upon Overcome FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) in 7 Steps by finance superhero. I was enlightened by this article and decided to write about the ways I personally combat FOMO. FOMO is likely the most prevalent psycho-social disorder plaguing our society, a nation with the great abundance in choices and options.
Preparing Your Savings for the Stages of Retirement
There is a recent evidence that spending in retirement is not consistent year-to-year. The general line of thinking goes in three stages – are you ready for them?
Disability Insurance vs. Long Term Care Insurance: Which is Best for You?
It’s easy to confuse long-term disability insurance with long-term care insurance. Nonetheless, these two insurance plans serve very different purposes in helping you manage financial risks.
President Trump vs. Physician Finance
No matter what your political leaning, there is a good chance the outcome of the 2016 US presidential election came as a surprise. Now the dust has cleared a little, I want to approach it from a different perspective – how President Trump will impact your finances on a personal level.

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