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Which Gender Is More Likely to Give to Charity?
Which Gender Is More Likely to Give to Charity?
When we give to charities, money flows out from our pocket into theirs. This means more for the charities and less for us. The factors that influence this transfer of funds is important to understand as it affects our bottom line if we give.
Financial Planning For End-of-Life: Perspective is Everything
Obviously, perspective is important in financial planning. But end-of-life presents an unknown variable.
Financial Wisdom for Our Age
Sometimes the best money advice doesn’t come from a financial adviser or CPA. Sometimes it comes from… a bumper sticker?
Spending in Retirement: The One-Two Million Asset Group
Roughly one in 20 households has over $1 million in investable assets, not including real estate. This group is not typical of the average American, but rather among the most privileged.
Are You Moving Toward or Away from Financial Independence?
Financial independence is typically defined as not having to work for money. A financially independent doctor may still continue to work, but would be able to live and support her family for the rest of their lives off of savings and completely passive income sources.
Which Life Insurance Option is Right For You?
Most people often aren’t too excited about spending money on insurance. As you plan out your finances, buying life insurance requires a little research and some basic know-how about the different types of life insurance.
Which Type of Doctor are You?
Even within your specialty, there are a number of different ways for you to shine; as a trusted community physician, as a department leader, as a researcher and more. It is almost impossible to excel at everything.
2016 Year-End Tax Tune Up
Happy Thanksgiving! As we near the end of 2016, I'm sure you've got your mind on some holiday shopping. But I want to redirect your attention to holiday savings - specifically saving from Uncle Sam.
How Much Do I Need to Tell My Kids About My Financial Plan?
When you talk to your family about your financial plan, the gift of that knowledge may one day keep your heirs from feeling that they’ve just received a lump of coal.

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