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10 Last Minute Gift Ideas
10 Last Minute Gift Ideas
I hope you haven't waited this long to do your Christmas shopping. But if you did, here are some last-minute gift ideas.
Investing vs. Saving
As a doctor, you may face dramatic changes in your salary throughout your long medical career – and not just because of the usual and expected jump in salary when transitioning from resident to attending status.
How to Manipulate AGI to Lower Your Taxes
You'll reduce your tax bill by watching your AGI, the most important number in tax planning.
Tips For Going Into Business With Friends
We've all heard the old adage, “don’t mix friendship and business” and that’s generally good advice.
Are You Leaving Money on the Exam Table?
Would you be surprised to learn that physicians regularly walk away from 30% or more of their income? Different groups of physicians leave money on the table for different reasons.
Charitable Donations: The Picture Matters
The type of picture that charities use to encourage people to donate makes a big difference.
Have You Met a Poor Doctor?
I haven’t. No, I have never met a poor doctor and I don’t believe I ever will. Let me explain.
My 12-Step Program for Year-End Tax Planning
Have you pushed aside tax planning in 2016? Until Trump changes our tax code, these suggestions can help you save time and money!
It’s Time to Start Planning
Next year will be here before you know it, so start planning now.

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