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Buy-and-Hold Investing is Back (With A Few Updates)
Buy-and-Hold Investing is Back (With A Few Updates)
Sure, it may sound familiar, but buy-and-hold investing is just as effective as it was years ago. You just need to make a few adjustments. Here’s what you should know.
Are Annuities Part of Your Retirement Plan? They Should Be, Expert Says
Fixed annuities are a bond substitute offering guarantees, safety, flexibility and tax deferral.
3 Personal Asset Protection Tools for Physicians
Some physicians make the mistake of assuming that by setting up a corporation, they are adequately shielding their personal assets from claims. Yet, as claims sometimes “pierce the corporate veil” to seize personal assets, as lawyers say, this tends to be fallacious logic.
Rich Doctor's Family Spends How Much in a Year?
A multimillionaire family tracked every dollar spent over the course of a year. How much did they spend? The answer will most certainly surprise you.
Disability Insurance: How Does One Factor Underwriting, Limitations, or Exclusions?
With disability insurance, insurance companies evaluate the risk an applicant presents and determines exclusions, limitations, restrictions or modification of benefits based on preexisting medical history or lifestyle.
How to Defeat Wishful Thinking
Tell me if you know a fellow physician who has $300,000 in student loans, $20,000 owed on a car, $5,000 owed on credit cards, yet they always have the solution – “I’ll pay it all off when I get paid the ‘real’ money.” Let's talk about wishful thinking.
Don't Give Up On International Stocks
For the past four years, the US stock market has been up more than the international stock market. Here's what that means as far as your investments go.
How To Have a Comfortable Retirement
During the last several years the AMA has conducted multiple studies on the financial preparedness of US physicians, which revealed the top financial concern for all US physicians is providing a comfortable retirement for themselves and spouse or partner.
How to Overcome Mental Fatigue During the Holidays
If there's one time of year that typically causes extra stress, it's during the holidays. But there are ways to overcome the mental fatigue.

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