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How to Minimize Tax Drag in a Taxable Brokerage Account
How to Minimize Tax Drag in a Taxable Brokerage Account
Simply stated, tax drag is the amount that your returns in a taxable account are decreased by taxes. It is commonly given as a percentage of the portfolio
5 Easy Ways Busy Docs Make Extra Money
There are simple, easy ways anyone can make extra cash, including busy full time docs.
Lessons from the I-Corps
The National Science Foundation (NSF) has awarded five new grants to teach entrepreneurship and to support research and innovation at regional hubs across the United States under its Innovation Corps (I-Corps™) program.
Why You Should and Shouldn’t Compare Your Income to Others
The saying that money can't buy happiness is true to a great extent. Yet, new psychology research points to a strong link between money and happiness, and it might not be exactly the link you would expect.
Financial Considerations for Mid-Career Physicians
There are plenty of financial articles out there for doctors who are just getting started with their investing careers. However, for those in between these two stages (mostly 40 to 50 years old), there is an absolute dearth of information available on the internet and in bookstores.
How To Calculate Physician Turnover Costs
Physician turnover costs can range from a half-million to well over a million dollars. That’s a pretty wide range, but I’m going to give you a more accurate way to calculate the cost of physician turnover for your particular organization.
5 Reasons to Not be a Doc, If You Wanna Be Rich
Anyone feels poor at the age of 35 without a house, with a 20 year old car, without a penny in retirement savings, and with a student loan the size of a large mortgage (300-500k) snowballing at 2-3 times the interest rate of regular mortgage.
What We Can Learn From an Ostrich
The Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards, Inc. clearly explains and illustrates what a CFP® professional could do for a client. From “starting out, settling down, entering midlife, near retirement, and enjoying retirement” by following a plan and consulting with a qualified advisor individuals conceivably should reach their financial goals.
The 5 Most Important Money Lessons I Teach My Residents
Here is some of the best advice I give my residents regarding finance, money, and life.

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