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5 Uncommon Financial Commonsense
5 Uncommon Financial Commonsense
I’ve been hearing the terms “educated dumb” and “commonsense is uncommon” frequently lately.
Boiler Room Tactics Alive and Well: Seniors Suffer Most
In spite of negative publicity about penny stocks, spammers, and some hedge funds, people still invest in these entities in hopes of getting rich. Sadly, many who place their hard earned cash and trust in them are burned.
5 Ways to Stay in Clinical Medicine & Be Happy
We spend 1/3 of our lives and 1/2 million dollars to obtain the privilege of practicing clinical medicine. Before trying to get out of it, perhaps we can figure out ways to be happy staying in clinical medicine.
Saving Money in San Francisco Part I
I visited the lovely city of San Francisco earlier this year. It's easy to spend a boatload there, but we managed not to break the budget.
3 Things Society Doesn’t Know About Doctors
A Chinese folktale goes like this: a magnificent Buddha statute sits at the mountain top where worshipers climb 100s of 1000s of steps of stairs to arrive at his foot and to kneel down in prayers.
Another Way to Maintain Wealth: Stay Married
Graying women who divorce need to determine ahead of time how a divorce would impact them economically.
5 Ways Good Finance Parallels Good Cooking
Feeling powerless when the Taiwanese creditor/mafia showed up at our door, banging and shouting to see my dad, the debtor, and worrying about my dad losing an extremity each time he left the house to re-negotiate pay back terms with the mafia, personal finance resourcefulness became a survival necessity.
The Effect of a Big Bump in Income on Financial Independence
Interested in financial independence or an early retirement? An increase in income with no increase in spending can get you there years sooner.
Gambling Addiction: When Finances and Medicine Meet
Gambling addiction is another one of those afflictions that people are uncomfortable to acknowledge and talk about – but it is much more widespread than most of us are aware.

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