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Personal Liability Risks You May Be Overlooking
Personal Liability Risks You May Be Overlooking
Medical professionals are naturally mindful of the risk of claims on their assets, but many wrongly assume that having adequate professional malpractice insurance is protection enough. They’re overlooking other types of claims — those having nothing to do with their professional practices.
You Have Retirement Products. Do You Have A Retirement Plan?
Medical professionals are among the millions of Americans who confuse the financial products they own with having a retirement plan. Unfortunately, most individuals don’t have a plan. Instead, they own a variety of products they’ve been sold by a commission-based financial advisor, broker or insurance representative — who often is a salesperson masquerading as a financial planner.
Getting A More Accurate Assessment of Your Portfolio's Performance
How do you measure the success of your portfolio? If you’re like most investors, you probably compare the performance of your portfolio to a major index, such as the S&P 500. But this might not be the best approach. Often, investors won’t see the same gains in their portfolios as they do in the S&P, mostly because the S&P 50 is cap weighted.
Protect Your Investments Following Fed's Decision to Raise Rates
The Federal Reserve’s decision to raise interest rates last week has sent ripples through the global economy. But you may be feeling the impact a bit closer to home, if you’ve looked at your portfolio. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to protect your investments. Read on, particularly if you’re heavily invested in bonds.
You Can Still Cut Your 2016 Tax Bill
Tax Day – Tuesday, April 18 – is almost upon us. Even with the clock counting down, it’s still not too late to save some money with 2016 deductions. Here are five things you can do to slash your 2016 taxes.
Avoid These 5 Costly 401k Rollover Mistakes
Hypothetically, you just got a new job and you’re wondering what to do with your 401k. Do you leave it where it is, or roll it over to your new employer? There are pros and cons for each, this expert says. The key is avoiding these five common mistakes that can prove costly.
Key Benefits of a Physician Loan
You’ve worked hard, usually on little sleep, and now you’ve received your first employment offer outside of training. Now what?
Buy-and-Hold Investing is Back (With A Few Updates)
Sure, it may sound familiar, but buy-and-hold investing is just as effective as it was years ago. You just need to make a few adjustments. Here’s what you should know.
Are Annuities Part of Your Retirement Plan? They Should Be, Expert Says
Fixed annuities are a bond substitute offering guarantees, safety, flexibility and tax deferral.

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