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A Physician Tries Out Minimalism
I've spent the first forty years of my life enthusiastically accumulating. I've realized it's time to start dealing with the excess.
Physicians Wrestle with the High Cost of Health IT
Electronic health records (EHRs) can be beneficial for patient care, but at what cost?
New Ships in 2017: Viking Ocean Cruises
With 26 new ships launching at just Viking Ocean Cruises alone, it looks like 2017 could be the year of cruises.
Rich Doctor's Family Spends How Much in a Year?
A multimillionaire family tracked every dollar spent over the course of a year. How much did they spend? The answer will most certainly surprise you.
How to Defeat Wishful Thinking
Tell me if you know a fellow physician who has $300,000 in student loans, $20,000 owed on a car, $5,000 owed on credit cards, yet they always have the solution – “I’ll pay it all off when I get paid the ‘real’ money.” Let's talk about wishful thinking.
New Year's Re-solutions
What will you do in the context of the 4000 year-old annual tradition of making a New Year's resolution?
The PMD Critical List: Who Are Your Favorite Patients?
The PMD Critical List for the week of December 26 is packed with the top healthcare stories circling the Web.
How Well Does the Modern Physician Adapt?
What differentiates an intelligent, hard working and compassionate burned out doctor from a happy doctor?

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