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These Common Mistakes Can Derail Your Portfolio
These Common Mistakes Can Derail Your Portfolio
The roller coaster of the stock market makes for a lot of adrenaline, euphoria and fear – a recipe for bad decisions.
How To Have a Comfortable Retirement
During the last several years the AMA has conducted multiple studies on the financial preparedness of US physicians, which revealed the top financial concern for all US physicians is providing a comfortable retirement for themselves and spouse or partner.
The Difference Between Assets and Liabilities
Distinguishing between assets and liabilities can be the difference between ending up with financial troubles or with financial freedom.
10 Last Minute Gift Ideas
I hope you haven't waited this long to do your Christmas shopping. But if you did, here are some last-minute gift ideas.
Investing vs. Saving
As a doctor, you may face dramatic changes in your salary throughout your long medical career – and not just because of the usual and expected jump in salary when transitioning from resident to attending status.
Tips For Going Into Business With Friends
We've all heard the old adage, “don’t mix friendship and business” and that’s generally good advice.
It’s Time to Start Planning
Next year will be here before you know it, so start planning now.
Holidays Highlight Need for Ample Liability Insurance
An unexpected situation could put you at risk of landing in court. An umbrella policy can protect your finances in case of a big lawsuit.

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