Morally Challenged: Neurological Insights


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D Cavaz
 ∙ July 10, 2016 at 10:57 PM
See what is happening here doctors? Questionable methods utilized to rationalize, even excuse repulsive behaviors, using words such as "genetics" and this doozy: "Sociopaths also have a lesser emotional reaction to the suffering of others as well as a reduced sensitivity to unhappy or frightened expressions. All of this is consistent with the diminished function of the amygdale - " Consistent? maybe, but how does that make it inborn? We should be punishing these sorts of questionable studies, with researchers that rely on tenuous relations used to confirm their already biased conclusions. Shame, shame! Naughty naughty! Let us not pardon repugnant crimes with "possibility of pedophilia tied to genetics". This is an abhorrent and dishonest form of research. I do believe the Nazi's tried to prove this pseudo-science, then we called it "Eugenics" and it has long been disproven as unscientific and biased, with nefarious intent.
Charles Brill
 ∙ July 11, 2016 at 02:01 AM
So, what to do with sociopaths after they commit a crime? Psychiatric Hospital instead of jail? Can't have them running around, but Psych Hospitals are being closed. If their brains are deranged, are they "guilty"?
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