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How Well Does the Modern Physician Adapt?
What differentiates an intelligent, hard working and compassionate burned out doctor from a happy doctor?
How To Have a Comfortable Retirement
During the last several years the AMA has conducted multiple studies on the financial preparedness of US physicians, which revealed the top financial concern for all US physicians is providing a comfortable retirement for themselves and spouse or partner.
How to Address Fake Medical News
While fake news of the political nature has become a matter or hot public debate, online misinformation about health and medicine has been around for years.
Cutting Your TV Bill Without Cutting the Cord
Cutting the cord is all the rage. I wish I could get by without paid television. I tried. I failed, but cut my bill by 60%.
The Difference Between Assets and Liabilities
Distinguishing between assets and liabilities can be the difference between ending up with financial troubles or with financial freedom.
National Geographic Traveler's 7 Best Cities for 2017
What better way to celebrate the new year than with a trip? National Geographic Traveler magazine revealed the seven best cities to visit in 2017.

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