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National Geographic Traveler's 7 Best Cities for 2017
National Geographic Traveler's 7 Best Cities for 2017
What better way to celebrate the new year than with a trip? National Geographic Traveler magazine revealed the seven best cities to visit in 2017.
Early Retirement & the Likelihood of Regret
You may regret retiring too soon. Conversely, you may working too long. In this post, I do my best to help you find the ideal time to retire.
The Near and Far Celebrations You Haven't Heard About
Planning your next getaway around a special celebration in a particular city could make your trip that much more exciting.
How to Overcome Mental Fatigue During the Holidays
If there's one time of year that typically causes extra stress, it's during the holidays. But there are ways to overcome the mental fatigue.
10 Last Minute Gift Ideas
I hope you haven't waited this long to do your Christmas shopping. But if you did, here are some last-minute gift ideas.
25 Years of Physician Advocacy
Greg Kelly has been a part of Physician’s Money Digest (PMD) for 25 years now. He takes a walk down memory lane to when print PMD was the #1 “cover-to-cover readership” for over a decade.
Three Must-Visit Canadian Spots for Skiing, Snowboarding, and Savings
A favorable exchange rate from the US dollar to the Canadian dollar makes heading north for a ski or snowboard trip that much more appealing.
Investing vs. Saving
As a doctor, you may face dramatic changes in your salary throughout your long medical career – and not just because of the usual and expected jump in salary when transitioning from resident to attending status.
How to Manipulate AGI to Lower Your Taxes
You'll reduce your tax bill by watching your AGI, the most important number in tax planning.

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