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Which Gender Is More Likely to Give to Charity?
Which Gender Is More Likely to Give to Charity?
When we give to charities, money flows out from our pocket into theirs. This means more for the charities and less for us. The factors that influence this transfer of funds is important to understand as it affects our bottom line if we give.
Is “Price Right” for America's Doctors?
President-Elect Donald J. Trump has nominated a physician to be the new Secretary of the US Department of Health and Human Services. In addition to deciding the future of Obamacare, the cabinet secretary at HHS also oversees Medicare, Medicaid, the FDA, CDCP and NIH.
Who is Tom Price, MD?
By now you've heard that president-elect Trump is nominating conservative Republican representative Tom Price, MD of Georgia's 6th congressional district as the 23rd Secretary of the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). Read on to see why you should care. Who is Tom Price, MD anyways?
Top Travel Gift for Every Price Point
Travel gifts make great holiday presents. Many are wallet-friendly, most solve an annoying trip problem, and all come with a ticket to dream.
Options For Physicians Who Don’t Get Accepted To Residency Programs
As the number of applicants to residency programs in the United States swells, there are more and more fully educated physicians who cannot get the necessary training required to become licensed physicians or to specialize.
The Donor Advised Fund: The Best Way to Donate
Using a donor advised fund is a great way to give the most to charity at the lowest cost to you. This is how I used mine to donate $100,000.
Why Tom Price Is the Right Pick for HHS
President-elect Donald Trump’s selection of Representative Tom Price as Secretary of Health and Human Services is a great choice and here’s why.

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