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Financial Wisdom for Our Age
Financial Wisdom for Our Age
Sometimes the best money advice doesn’t come from a financial adviser or CPA. Sometimes it comes from… a bumper sticker?
Five Reasons I WIll Choose an Early Retirement
In order to have a sucessful early retirement, you must have the means to afford it, and reasons to want it. These are mine.
Prescribe & Practice “The Alameda Seven”
George A. Sheehan, Jr., MD, the nationally-renowned “Running Doc,” was the guru of the sport in the 70s and 80s. Sheehan revolutionized the sport of running as a means of total fitness for mind and body.
Spending in Retirement: The One-Two Million Asset Group
Roughly one in 20 households has over $1 million in investable assets, not including real estate. This group is not typical of the average American, but rather among the most privileged.
Thank you, Dr WiseMoney. You will be missed.
This world is a different place without you. But not to worry, your legacy will live on.
Which Life Insurance Option is Right For You?
Most people often aren’t too excited about spending money on insurance. As you plan out your finances, buying life insurance requires a little research and some basic know-how about the different types of life insurance.
Five National Parks for Western Coast Winter Adventures
Many US national parks offer special getaways during the winter and, with summer’s crowds gone, you can enjoy the relative solitude.

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