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Controlling Your Online Presence
Controlling Your Online Presence
The Internet has become ubiquitous. Almost every industry is tied to the Internet in some way or another; consumers, customers and even patients look to the Internet to decide whether or not you are the right fit for them.
Financial Planning For End-of-Life: Perspective is Everything
Obviously, perspective is important in financial planning. But end-of-life presents an unknown variable.
Santa-Approved: Warm Holidays in Phoenix, Arizona
Not looking forward to ice and snow this holiday season? Then head to sunny Phoenix, Arizona. The desert stretches out as a landscape of cactus, sagebrush, and feathery Palo Verde trees.
Financial Wisdom for Our Age
Sometimes the best money advice doesn’t come from a financial adviser or CPA. Sometimes it comes from… a bumper sticker?
Five Reasons I WIll Choose an Early Retirement
In order to have a sucessful early retirement, you must have the means to afford it, and reasons to want it. These are mine.
Prescribe & Practice “The Alameda Seven”
George A. Sheehan, Jr., MD, the nationally-renowned “Running Doc,” was the guru of the sport in the 70s and 80s. Sheehan revolutionized the sport of running as a means of total fitness for mind and body.

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