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Which Life Insurance Option is Right For You?
Which Life Insurance Option is Right For You?
Most people often aren’t too excited about spending money on insurance. As you plan out your finances, buying life insurance requires a little research and some basic know-how about the different types of life insurance.
Five National Parks for Western Coast Winter Adventures
Many US national parks offer special getaways during the winter and, with summer’s crowds gone, you can enjoy the relative solitude.
Do You Need Assault and Hazard Insurance?
Healthcare workers suffer the highest rate of work related injuries and illnesses of any industry – 45% of all workplace violence occurs in healthcare.
Giving Thanks. My First $100,000 Donation.
It's better to give than receive. To celebrate my 41st birthday, I decided to give thanks by donating $100,000 to charity.
Be Proactive to Avoid the Risk of Cyber Attacks
By now, the details of the cyber attack on Banner Health this past summer have been well-documented. Approximately 3.7 million patients, health plan members and beneficiaries, physicians and healthcare providers were impacted by the attack.
Cyber Monday Vacation Deals Too Good to Pass Up
The turkey’s gone and so are the relatives. Use Cyber Monday’s discounts to dream and to stretch your travel wings by trying resorts and locations that are new to you.

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