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Patients with hospital-acquired sepsis had higher rates of congestive HF, cerebrovascular disease, need for mechanical ventilation and vasopressors, increased LOS, more ICU days, and higher mortality than those with community-acquired sepsis.
Lead researcher Ben Seymour, PhD, noted that this brings medicine a step closer to harnessing the brain's natural pain relief system in a more specific way.
This is one of the first interventions to successfully reduce sexual risk among juvenile offenders on probation.
Adherence to generic multi-tablet regimens was high and comparable with adherence to brand multi-tablet regimens and to single tablets.
The market price for gene therapy greatly exceed the costs of the gene editing development and the equipment required for the task.
The mortality rate in C. difficile-infected patients with acute kidney infection is decreasing, from 23.9% to 14.8%, but hospitalizations increased significantly by 1.8 over the study period.
Offering PrEP at public health-care clinics in a middle-income setting can retain high numbers of participants and achieve high levels of adherence without risk compensation in investigated populations.
The approval was granted based on efficacy and safety data from the Escort-HU study, which included 495 pediatric patients with sickle cell anemia.
Elevated thyroid stimulating hormone was linked to female sex, higher BMI, liver fibrosis, AST, and low albumin.
New interim study results show women are open to using a vaginal ring for HIV prevention, but scientists are still trying to figure out when it works, and why.
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